Liza’s apartment Vaiva Rykštaitė

Liza’s apartment

Published: 2020

ISBN: 9786094664496

Number of pages: 264

Dimensions: 147 mm x 221 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB Tyto alba

Vaiva Rykštaitė is a Lithuanian writer currently living in Hawaii. After finishing her master’s degree in philosophy in London, she worked as a yoga trainer and sold vintage clothing. Now Rykštaitė writes articles for, an online platform of the Lithuanian public broadcaster.

She has already written 5 novels and 1 children’s book. Rykštaitė’s prose is exceptionally vivid and candour. She talks openly and poetically about her own experiences and manages to create fiction out of it instead of just writing a memoir.

In all of her books Rykštaitė draws on her personal life and her newest novel Liza’s apartment is no exception. The novel portrays Kaunas at the end of the Soviet era and follows the city’s transition after the regained independence. The story is told through the eyes of a child. For a little girl, Kaunas is nothing but her house yard, charismatic neighbors, their children, and, most of all, her apartment. The apartment not only sets the scene but also becomes the core of the novel. Liza’s apartment is a provocative Bildungsroman: tracing political changes in Lithuania’s history, the novel depicts moral and psychological changes in the girl’s character.

Vaiva Rykštaitė

The author of five books: "Plaštakių sindromas" (Butterfly Syndrome, 2009) and "Kostiumų drama" (Costume Drama, 2013), “Ugniklanio deivė ir Džonas iš Havajų“ (Volcano Godess and John From Hawaii, 2016), “Trisdešimt” (Thirty, 2017) and a traveller, has been to about thirty countries. She studied philosophy in London, practiced yoga for several years in India. She also writes film critique.


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