The Ghost in Hannah's Parlor Laima Vincė

The Ghost in Hannah's Parlor

Published: 2010

ISBN: 9789955811145

Number of pages: 268

Publisher: UAB Dominicus Lituanus

Based on coastal Maine history, the novel The Ghost in Hannah's Parlor is part detective story, part adventure story. One night nine-year-old Hannah discovers that her house is inhabited by a mysterious woman. Hannah decides to find out who this woman is. This adventure leads her and her friends into learning about their island's historic past. The novel also deals with issues of bullying, offering a hopeful outcome. Based on actual stories and the history of the Casco Bay Islands, The Ghost in Hannah's Parlor is a fine educational tool for learning about Maine history. The Lithuanian translation (Vaiduokle Svetaineje) was selected by National Lithuanian Radio and Television as one of the top five books for children published in Lithuania in 2007. The novel has also been adapted into a play.


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